Heads Up

Lookbook and editorial for furniture brand that's all about the face-to-face.


Keilhauer designs and manufactures furniture to facilitate face-to-face meetings. They believe that our best ideas come from in-person conversations and were wanting to create something that could demonstrate their thought leadership in this space. What started as a twelve-page catalogue quickly turned into a biannual publication featuring a considered blend of essays, interviews, and product photography.


The amount of waste produced by sales marketing collateral was a concern and so an investment was made not only into the editorial content but also the print production in order to earn itself a home on your shelf. This involved significantly increasing the page count, collaborating with illustrator Adrian Forrow on some thought provoking illustrations, and finishing touches like binding the spine in green linen.


Issue one was themed, ‘Transforming Tables’ and opened with a history lesson and thought piece on tables. This was accompanied by a retrospective of Keilhauer tables, interviews with celebrated furniture designers, and a lookbook.

CCO Diti Katona
Design Direction Matthew Boyd
Art Direction, Design Brett Ramsay
Illustration Adrian Forrow
Photography Michael Crichton, Steve Krug
Print Production Brandy McKinlay