OCAD U Gallery

Yearbook design for student gallery's iconic cohort of Toronto art gods.


In 2015, Caroline Macfarlane and Vanessa Nicholas were approaching their final year as curators of OCAD U’s student gallery. During their four year tenure, they introduced Toronto to what would turn out to be some of the most jaw-dropping artists in our community today. From Rajni Perera to Lauren Pelc-McArthur to Alex McLeod to Lido Pimienta, Nep Sidhu, Diana VanderMeulen, Joren Cull, Vivian Rosas, Petra Collins, Brendan Georgo Ko, Jesjit Gill, Corey Moranis, and on and on and on.


The challenge wasn’t a lack of content but in developing a holistic structure that represented how multifaceted this culture hub was. It needed to not only capture the chronology of the space but also demonstrate the community’s reach that extended beyond just exhibitions to performances, raves, workshops, community events and field trips.

Each year, a Call for Submissions poster was commissioned and so this became what would inform the palette of that year’s section. This was followed by editorials written for each exhibition along with their respective posters and contributors. The intention to keep information siloed from the photographs that documented these works was to allow for the images to be as large and unencumbered as possible.


Community events were also siloed from the exhibitions section. They had a definitive sense of escapism that set itself apart from the rest—from a trip to Massachusetts or the painting of ULTRA RARE—these more ephemeral initiatives were worthy of a book within a book treatment.

The gallery itself was unassuming until you experienced it firsthand and so the cover was kept intentionally reserved except for the hint of iridescence in the foil type as a cue to the rainbow of memories contained within.

Design Brett Ramsay
Curators Caroline Macfarlane, Vanessa Nicholas
Printing RP Graphics