Screenprinted stationary suite for Canadian design firm's annual mailer.


Every year, a designer from the studio is tasked with creating the annual holiday stationary and packaging, which gets sent out to clients, suppliers, and friends. Designing for designers is always a challenge and so we opted for a confident simplicity. The design was kept minimal to bolster the craftsmanship, utilizing production techniques that could only be accomplished by hand.


Everything was inevitably bespoke using G.F. Smith paper, a seven-step screen-printing process and an imperceptible glint of iridescent gold foil, only visible to those who knew to look for it.

Establishing the right transparency for the white overlay had to be adjusted to the paper stock to appear consistent when packaged together, which they inevitably would be. Custom typography featured on the box is typographer Jonathan Yule’s unreleased 'Supersoft'.


Collaborating with members of the team and combining talents elevated this stationary and packaging suite to a level only achievable when great minds come together. A bottle of wine was delivered to friends and clients of the studio in a utilitarian box accompanied with a card and poster.

CCO Diti Katona
Creative Direction Jordan Poirier
Design Direction Matthew Boyd
Design Brett Ramsay
Typography Jonathon Yule
Print Production Brandy McKinlay