Capsule Collection

Launch campaign for Tokyo Smoke’s curated line of cannabis softgels.


Introducing new cannabis formats comes with its own set of unique challenges. Cannabis capsules were no exception. It was paramount to educate on the key benefits and features and draw those connections back to the familiar flower.

Capsules are stunningly functional. Small, discreet, easy to transport and smokeless—they are a highly effective form of cannabis consumption. Many don’t yet know or appreciate the efficacy, convenience or experience a capsule can bring.


The visual direction was inspired by the Ulm School—seeing beauty in clean, organized, and functional design. Colour palettes and compositions nod to vintage pill packaging and pharmacist trays. The still-lifes depict the meticulous arrangement of product poised on trays, pedestals, and risers in order to portray the cleanliness, precision, and buildable dosages emblematic of the category.

Forms were kept precise and geometric and when possible, mirror the iconic Tokyo Smoke lantern in the form of trays, archways, and bevels. Lighting was kept ambient and soothing through diffused, warm, rejuvenating morning light.


Compositions needed be detailed but simple with the opportunity for myriad re-crops to account for the disperate proportions across all media types. Images featured prominently across multiple campaign executions including social marketing, retail displays, digital banners, and informational collateral.

Creative Direction Berkeley Poole
Art Direction Brett Ramsay
Design Andrew Cooper, Nirvana Garreffa, Brett Ramsay
Copywriting Maggie Buxton-Simpson
CGI Six N. Five
Additional Motion Andrew Cooper