Starry Stairs

Exhibition program for Canadian outsider artist retrospective.


In 1955, Alma Rumball received a vision accompanied by a voice that instructed her to draw the story of her past life in the lost city of Atlantis. From this point forward, Rumball gave herself over to a prolific automatic drawing practise. Her abstract landscapes of psychedelic pink and purple spectrums are unapologetically feminine, explains the exhibition’s curator, Vanessa Nicholas.


This Curatorial Intensive exhibition was aimed at casting a light on the critical content of Rumball’s work. Alma Rumball was the subject of a 2005 documentary, The Alma Drawings directed by Jeremy Munce, and this was the first curated solo exhibition of her work since her debut at the Art Gallery of York University in 1978.


The exhibition opened with a live collaborative response by artists, Lido Pimienta, Lousie Reimer, and Kendra Yee, accompanied by a curatorial text written by Nicholas. Essay was bound in a folded duotang printed with fluorescent risograph inks depicting a nebula and the meditative practice of a gridded diamond.

Design Brett Ramsay
Curator Vanessa Nicholas
Printing Colour Code